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Won’t You Be My Girl Tonight?
A. Bardo (c) 2001 All rights reserved

I remember when I met this pretty girl
I knew right then that she could brighten up my world
I asked her if she wanted just to spend some time
I told myself that I wanted her to be mine….tonight.

It’s never happened once, it’s never happened twice
That I could meet a woman who could be so very nice
I never thought until my very dying day
That I could meet someone who’d make me feel this way….tonight.

I need to explain it doesn’t happen each day
Don’t mean to complain, but I’ve got to have my way
You’ve got to believe me
I know that I’ve seen the light
So, won’t you be my girl tonight?

I never thought that I could ever talk to you this way
I never ever thought that I could have this much to say
I had to wonder what she must be thinking of
When I said, “Help me, mama, please, I think I’m falling in love…..tonight”

She knew I wasn’t talking, talking to myself
When I told her there would never ever be somebody else
She looked me in the eye and said I’d better understand
I’d have to straighten up if I was gonna be her man…..tonight.


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Soft Eyes
A. Bardo (c) 2007 All rights reserved

Lookin’ at the world with soft eyes
Things just don’t seem right
Lookin’ at the world with soft eyes
I feel safer at night.
Wondering what they must be thinking to feel the way they do
Wondering what we must be drinking to let them do this to……us

Going to the police station
Try and make me feel alright
Try to understand the situation
And freedom from the fright
They’ll try to make me feel much better, but I don’t know if they will
And even if I write a letter the truth will elude me still

I want to believe that the end is near
To the hatred that goes on
I want to retrieve what we held so dear
And the right to carry on, to carry on.

No more need for soft eyes
No more need for tears
No more need for soft eyes
Let’s put away our fears
No more need for soft eyes
No more dying every day
No more need for soft eyes
We can build a better way

I know that the right thing to do
Is to keep on living strong
I know that we can still cling
To beliefs that we belong
The world we see with soft eyes won’t help us seek the truth
The world we see with soft eyes is all the proof we need



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Evening Song
A. Bardo (c) 1973 All rights reserved

You’ve been singing songs for pennies and I’ve been trying, too
You say there’s no satisfaction, you’re doing something new
You’ve grown tired of one nighters and night clubs just won’t do
Well I’ve been singing my songs so everyone can listen
No one tries to help along, they know there’s nothing missing
So I’ll give to you this Evening Song

Everybody’s telling me to try to sell my songs
Well, I’m just in it for my good and then I can’t go wrong
They’re telling me I’ve got to move along
‘Cause I am happy here singing for my friends
Stop shaking your head, mister, don’t you know this ain’t the end
So, I’ll give to you this Evening Song

An Evening song, a closing song
That’s all I have to give.
I’m not the kind to change my mind
About the way that I want to live

One of these days I’m gonna prove to you I’m right
And I will play my songs for you all through the night
It always helps to know I’m doing something right
‘Cause I am happy here singing for my friends
Don’t worry my friend, don’t you know we’re gonna make it in the end.
I’ll give to you this Evening Song

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33 Gone
A. Bardo (c) 2008 All rights reserved


Didn’t see it coming, couldn’t read the clues
A troubled man who figured he had nothing left to lose
Sunday evening in the Blue Ridge and everything seemed alright
26,000 innocent people settled for the night

They came from almost everywhere. They came from all around.
Looking for the dream life in this special little town
The campus wakes up unaware that something’s going wrong.
They wake up to the day they’d never knew would last so long.

32 Lives – start the day they thought they’d be with all their friends
32 Tried – to do the best they could to see them all again.
32 Died – with the one who wanted everything to end.
33 Gone, 33 Gone

And the families are driven to the depths of their despair
The press keeps asking questions, but do they really care
“Why would you want to stay here? What took so very long?”
But hindsight won’t retrieve them and they’ve got the story wrong, so wrong.

Now the small town’s innocence has cruelly gone away.
Lost the peaceful feeling that they had most every day.
How will we take care of all the loved ones left behind?
Candles, colors, flowers only last a short, short time.

And I want to know why did they all have to die
Yeah, I want to know where and when and how
‘Cause I wanna believe that if we can all grieve
Then we can begin to heal right here and now


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A Promise of Grace
P. Warren (c) 1986 All rights reserved

Feeling so strong
Trying to find
What went so wrong
He was a friend
But did I know him

Living the edge
Feeling the breeze
Awaiting a dream
Always it seemed
That I knew him

If you see my old friend
Can you tell him I miss him so
Searching his road for a reason
Well it must be out there somewhere

Just for one time
Shall we unwind
There’s so much ahead
I’ll sit back and think
Just where Im going

Seeing his joy
Feeling his pain
The drug lasts so long
The game’s one on one
And then, he’s gone


The pressures of fame
The tension of time
A promise of grace
Look for the signs
Where have you gone?
Remember the name

(Song dedicated to the death Len Bias, written ’86)

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A Tour of Greenwich
P. Warren (c) 2000 All rights reserved

I can relive, I’ve got the moment
I can see it all in your eyes
Time has not passed
A child’s before me
A trusting hand remains open to her
The streets are unchanged
The memory’s moving
In the cornerstone nothing can harm her tonight

On a tour of Greenwich
How far can we go
Take me to your innocence
A child only knows
I never thought I’d find you
In the city’s little village
But love is found in stranger places
Yet, lost in its fear

Its time she goes home
Its time she starts living
She often wonders when she’ll return
She’s caught in a bed
And love is the reason
They do not know a wall begins forming
“I build this wall to keep me from hurting
But I’ll tear it down
As I long for the feeling tonight”


Go back to your city
Go back to your village
The window of love
Remains open through time
Walk down the streets and look at the buildings
They know of your pain
And they forgive you for loving
Conjure the past, pure is the moment
There’s nothing to fear
You know you can cry tonight


Love is found in stranger places
And lost in its fear



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